Patrick Genellie

Production & Design

Developing for the Global Marketplace
Product Management

Supporting teams who make great software, with a focus on UX research to achieve key metrics and ship on time.

Narrative Design

Creating stories that resonate with people, communicating with every part of the project to say something they remember.

Brand Development

Finding the right talent and demonstrating what we do best through video, audio, and social media marketing.

User Experience is the bridge between the wisdom of crowds and the goals of your team


Patrick has been essential to our English language market activities. His team provides great client support and manages online communities our players are excited to engage with.

Ruizheng An, CEO of Doppler hat

Great to work with as a consultant, understands technical scope and how to implement designs. Excited to be collaborating again on the new engine for Cardcore.

Eli Mallon, Senior Engineer - Livepeer

Lots of fun to work with, and a good grasp of data systems. Always calm under pressure, with clear priorities for the team and a solid plan of action.

David Strandberg, Senior Associate @ Foresight

Patrick can be depended on to produce whatever is required. He gets things done and backs up his decisions with research. Excellent management skills, an asset to any technical team.

Jake Grogan, Program Manager @ Microsoft